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Sweden changing rules

The Swedish Government is now changing the rules for the type of protective equipment that may be used, for example, in health care. So far, the Swedish Work Environment Authority has only approved equipment with a so-called CE marking, from today it should be possible to approve also other equipment that provides sufficient protection.

There are plenty of initiatives around the country to help healthcare develop protective equipment. So far, however, the Swedish Work Environment Authority has not been able to approve equipment that does not have a so-called CE marking.

Fast Track
The government now wants to change that. Therefore, the Swedish Work Environment Authority has now been commissioned to develop methods for quickly approving protective equipment without CE marking. The new rules apply from today Tuesday until the general spread of the coronavirus has ceased.

We are now introducing a fast track for quality assurance of personal protective equipment. It is about the Swedish Work Environment Authority being tasked with ensuring a procedure so that even non-CE marked personal protective equipment can be used by socially important occupational groups, says Labor Minister Eva Nordmark

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