2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Triplex RT-qPCR

The kit is applicable for the qualitative of nucleic acids for 2019-nCoV within the triplex fluorescence RT-PCR technology

Product Advantages

  • Higher Detection Sensitivity
  •  Endogenous Internal Control
  • Pseudovirus
  • dUTP/UDG anti-contamination System


This product provides triplex-detections in a single tube, including two independent genes of 2019-nCoV and internal control that target the human RNAse P (RNP) gene to assess specimen quality. Specific primers and probes were designed for the detection of the conserved region of 2019-nCoV’s ORF1ab gene and N gene, respectively, avoiding non-specific interference of SARS2003 and BatSARS-like virus strains. Internal control (RNAse P gene) provides a nucleic acid extraction procedural control and second negative control. Positive control (2019-nCoV-pseudovirus) provides a nucleic acid extraction and a reverse transcription control to validate the entire procedure and reagent integrity.

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