0.2ml 96-well PCR plate (10×10)

  • White non-skirt plate
  • Transparent half-skirt plate

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  • White non-skirt plate
  • Transparent half-skirt plate


  1. The PCR plate is made of high-purity medical grade polypropylene (PP) with low evaporation loss.
  2. The plate surface is flat and thick, and there is no deformation after transportation and thermal cycle.
  3. The bulge of the well can increase the adhesion and effectively prevent liquid cross-contamination.
  4. The white PCR plate is processed by the white masterbatch process, the fluorescent signal intensity is high, and the detection effect is good.
  5. The transparent PCR plate has thin walls and good light transmittance.
  6. The vertical (A-H) and horizontal (1-12) marks are clear. It can be applied to pressure-sensitive film, heat-sealing film, etc.
  7. Free of DNase, RNase, DNA, endotoxin, PCR inhibitors, and heat sources.
  8. It can be used for fluorescence quantitative and amplification qualitative experiments and sterilized by radiation.


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BSH08S1 Transparent Half-skirt 96-well PCR plate, BSH30S1 White Non-skirt 96-well PCR plate