New Client

Would you like to become one of our clients and benefit from our well connected and talented sales commissioners?

Consultera Trade Network offers a network of trade commissioners around the world that will be your key representative on their markets presenting and selling your products for new potential customers.
This is a relationship that hopefully lasts a lifetime and the more support and encouragement they get the better ambassadors they become.

Portfolio Member

as a portfolio member your products will be added to our Product Portfolio. It is a catalog which we will communicate to all our customers digitally in pre-decided markets. We will handle all incoming leads introducing the parties and negotiate for the best offer. (An option is that we can redirect to your existing sales representatives office upon interest. )

Only for:



Dedicated KAM

The more you as a company invest the more you get. Hire a Key Account Manager and your business will succeed.

Consultera will be recruit the most appropriate KAM on specific markets where you would like to enter. It will become flexible and effective with monthly hiring agreement.

Starting from: