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Successful sourcing of Covid Speed test to France

In France, the list of "reliable ELISA and RDT serological tests established by the CNR" (National Reference Center) has been published.
While around 30 serological tests exist, a list of 23 tests deemed "reliable" was released by the CNR on Thursday evening.
Among these 23 tests, seven are of the ELISA type, with a blood test carried out in the laboratory and results available during the day. The other sixteen are rapid screening tests (RDTs), performed by a doctor or pharmacist, with the drop of blood at the tip of a finger and a result available in a few minutes. Consultera sourced one of these tests which have been approved by the National Reference Center Serological tests will be reserved in priority for nursing staff. Read more here

As a reminder, a serological test must make it possible to check the presence, or not, of antibodies in the patient's blood, in order to know if he has already had the coronavirus.  According to the HAS (Sanitary High Authority), it should be performed after the fourteenth day following the onset of the first symptoms for people without signs of severity, or the seventh day for those who are hospitalized.

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Consultera Covid-19 Antibody test listed in Sweden

The Swedish health institute Folkhälsomyndigheten has listed Consultera as one of the suppliers of lgG/lgM Antibody Tests for Novel Covid-19.

As Sweden now advance and update their strategy for the Coronavirus they open up for Antibody test done by the public and private healthcare.
The institute has published guidance for antibody tests among a list of known suppliers on the Swedish market. Consultera is now listed among the few suppliers by the institute.

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Swiss Army

After SGS testing Swish Army order a large quantity of Medical Facial Masks type ll.

The SGS made a general quality control on the medical mask from one of our manufacturer in China.

The scope of this report is limited for the workmanship and basic function check of the product. This report is a reasonable attempt to
identify any obvious or significant defects apparent in those areas of the product fully accessible and visible to the Inspector at the time of
the inspection.

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Construction Firms needs to find new alternative suppliers

Since the start of Covid-19 crises, the construction firms face delays because of locked borders. Earlier suppliers are unable to deliver the orders when countries close their borders. Construction firms need to find alternative suppliers. The impacts of the virus on the global construction business might prove to be detrimental. Contractors are at the forefront as they are service and product providers at the same time. Covid-19 affects both material and labor, key cost components of construction projects, and by doing so, challenge on-going project delivery, companies’ liquidity, and whole business models. A comprehensive list of legal action to claim an extension of time or financial entitlement defined in JCT, NEC, and FIDIC contracts is provided by Pinsent Masons and can be downloaded here. Read more: