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Successful sourcing of Covid Speed test to France

In France, the list of "reliable ELISA and RDT serological tests established by the CNR" (National Reference Center) has been published.
While around 30 serological tests exist, a list of 23 tests deemed "reliable" was released by the CNR on Thursday evening.
Among these 23 tests, seven are of the ELISA type, with a blood test carried out in the laboratory and results available during the day. The other sixteen are rapid screening tests (RDTs), performed by a doctor or pharmacist, with the drop of blood at the tip of a finger and a result available in a few minutes. Consultera sourced one of these tests which have been approved by the National Reference Center Serological tests will be reserved in priority for nursing staff. Read more here

As a reminder, a serological test must make it possible to check the presence, or not, of antibodies in the patient's blood, in order to know if he has already had the coronavirus.  According to the HAS (Sanitary High Authority), it should be performed after the fourteenth day following the onset of the first symptoms for people without signs of severity, or the seventh day for those who are hospitalized.

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Consultera Covid-19 Antibody test listed in Sweden

The Swedish health institute Folkhälsomyndigheten has listed Consultera as one of the suppliers of lgG/lgM Antibody Tests for Novel Covid-19.

As Sweden now advance and update their strategy for the Coronavirus they open up for Antibody test done by the public and private healthcare.
The institute has published guidance for antibody tests among a list of known suppliers on the Swedish market. Consultera is now listed among the few suppliers by the institute.

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Swiss Army

After SGS testing Swish Army order a large quantity of Medical Facial Masks type ll.

The SGS made a general quality control on the medical mask from one of our manufacturer in China.

The scope of this report is limited for the workmanship and basic function check of the product. This report is a reasonable attempt to
identify any obvious or significant defects apparent in those areas of the product fully accessible and visible to the Inspector at the time of
the inspection.

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Orange Valley

We are glad to announce that Consultera has been a key part in the sourcing and negotiations of a deal that includes Citrus and oranges supply to the EU region jointly with JERCO.

Palestine has an ancient orange farming history and farmers take their life tasks very seriously. Today the harvest contains 35% of ecological oranges expecting to increase in the upcoming 5 years to over 50%. This thanks to a study done by Nuffic a Dutch NGO. Read here

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Construction Firms needs to find new alternative suppliers

Since the start of Covid-19 crises, the construction firms face delays because of locked borders. Earlier suppliers are unable to deliver the orders when countries close their borders. Construction firms need to find alternative suppliers. The impacts of the virus on the global construction business might prove to be detrimental. Contractors are at the forefront as they are service and product providers at the same time. Covid-19 affects both material and labor, key cost components of construction projects, and by doing so, challenge on-going project delivery, companies’ liquidity, and whole business models. A comprehensive list of legal action to claim an extension of time or financial entitlement defined in JCT, NEC, and FIDIC contracts is provided by Pinsent Masons and can be downloaded here. Read more:
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Corona virus self-test kits are being mailed to 1,000 residents of Stockholm

KTH Associate Professor Niclas Roxhed and Professor Jochen Schwenk are mailing out the anonymous serological tests to random addresses in order to analyze how many residents of the Stockholm metropolitan have developed antibodies to COVID-19, and potentially gained immunity to the disease. The project also aims to test how home testing for the novel corona virus could help authorities fight the pandemic without burdening the health system. Read More

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The impact of Covid-19 on global shipping, system shock

The rapid spread of coronavirus has had a major impact on global shipping markets, with the slump in demand for goods from China having a ripple effect on everything from container ships to oil tankers. In part 1 of our coronavirus special, we look at how it has unfolded so far.

The situation largely deteriorated as January passed by and the CNY holidays were extended. After a passenger tested positive for Covid-19 onboard a Princess Cruises ship off the coast of Japan, ports started limiting – and eventually banning – cruise traffic at their terminals. Asian ports in countries including South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore also started introducing screening procedures at their hubs, putting Chinese crews under quarantine and working to limit the spread of the virus.

Read more at Ship Technology

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Drugs and coronavirus tests are also being coveted around the globe

Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency has launched several clandestine international operations to fly in hundreds of thousands of coronavirus testing kits.

US buyers waving wads of cash managed to wrest control of a consignment of masks as it was about to be dispatched from China to one of the worst-hit coronavirus areas of France, according to two French officials.

The masks were on a plane at Shanghai airport that was ready to take off when the US buyers turned up and offered three times what their French counterparts were paying.

Read full article at The Guardian

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Sweden changing rules

The Swedish Government is now changing the rules for the type of protective equipment that may be used, for example, in health care. So far, the Swedish Work Environment Authority has only approved equipment with a so-called CE marking, from today it should be possible to approve also other equipment that provides sufficient protection.

There are plenty of initiatives around the country to help healthcare develop protective equipment. So far, however, the Swedish Work Environment Authority has not been able to approve equipment that does not have a so-called CE marking.

Fast Track
The government now wants to change that. Therefore, the Swedish Work Environment Authority has now been commissioned to develop methods for quickly approving protective equipment without CE marking. The new rules apply from today Tuesday until the general spread of the coronavirus has ceased.

We are now introducing a fast track for quality assurance of personal protective equipment. It is about the Swedish Work Environment Authority being tasked with ensuring a procedure so that even non-CE marked personal protective equipment can be used by socially important occupational groups, says Labor Minister Eva Nordmark

Swedish Television